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Capacity Facts:
17 Production Lines
396 sewing machines
16 seam tape machines
3 cutting machines
Total 535 machines

For Disaster Relief, Temporary Mass Habitats, Defence and Commercial uses.

Acome (HK) manufacture and export tents to anywhere in the world.

Acome's tent factory is located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, about 5 hours drive from China's largest port, Shanghai.

The factory area covers over 80,000 square meters and has 900 workers on  17 production lines. Our monthly output depends on the sizes of tents in production at any one time, but the average monthly capacity is tent housing space for 1 million people.

We provide tents for disaster relief agencies, defence & military organisations and OEM commercial customers around the world, including the USA, China, France, the UK, South Africa, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Greece. We have manufactured over 100,000 tents for relief purposes alone.

Tents vary in size and application from one-man bivouac tents, to 50-man shelters used in military or disaster relief situations, and can be free-standing or designed to open from the side of a van. The largest tent we have made so far was over 700 m2 in floor-area.

Depending on the application and climate envisaged for deployment, fabrics vary in weight from the lightest nylon mountain tent to 500 gsm for defence/military uses. Fabrics also vary between traditional cotton canvas to high-tech nylon or synthetic blends geared to provide protection but also be light enough to be carried in a backpack. Our manufacturing processes are designed to be able handle the whole range of fabrics that our clients specifiy. We can also arrange special fabric treatments such as anti-UV, waterproofing (typically with polyurethane) and fireproofing.

Depending on the specification we supply poles that vary from steel to the lightest aluminum.

Due to our location in the heart of China's textile and industrial zones, we can develop and procure any material specified from facilities within a couple of hours drive.

We supplied relief habitats for the survivors of the recent Sichuan and Yunnan earthquakes in China. Our capacity makes us the ideal resource for disaster relief contracts where very large numbers of tents are required at very short notice.

We are approved by UN Global Marketplace, specifically for procurement by UNICEF and UNHCR.

As with all our products, tent R&D is done on modern CAD equipment, by in-factory staff who deal directly with the client. Almost all fabrics and accessories are developed by us in consultation with the client.

We are ISO9001-certified, and our exisiting client base expects quality at the highest level. All our fabrics and trims are inspected before being released to the production line and every single tent is fully erected, with all accessories, before it is packed and shipped to customers.

We believe that combining capacity with capability makes us the world’s #1 resource for tents of all types.

Watch and see the mobilization of our huge capacity to manufacture tents for the government and relief agencies to cope with this disaster.

A video made after the recent earthquake in Sichuan