Sleeping Bags

Capacity Facts:
6 Production Lines
210 sewing machines
1 seam tape machine
4 packing machines
Total 226 machines

Our sleeping bag factory is located in Shuyang City, about 240km north of Yangzhou.

The factory is 46,690 square meters in extent and employs 300 skilled workers, who are capable of producing  up to 50,000 sleeping bags per month.

We produce for military organisations and make commercial models as OEM for major international brands.

Outer fabrics are various weights if polyester or nylon. Filling can be synthetic, the finest & lightest down, or different combinations of synthetic and down.

Styles can be traditional or mummy style.

In all cases, we follow the customer’s design and develop and procure materials as required. Situated as it is within the heartland of China's huge textile industry, our material suppliers are only hours away by road.

All materials procured are fully tested before release to the production line and quality control, both inline and final,  are rigorous. Our entire production process is ISO9001-certified and we set our acceptance standard at a higher level than that required by our client, while complying with the client's specifications.

Our Design, R&D and Merchandising staff are on site, close to the production facilities, and able to intreract quickly with production staff.

This on-site capability, with factory capacity, enables us to deliver the largest orders on time, on specification, and within budget.