Research and Development

Client specifications can be simple or extremely detailed. No matter the amount of detail involved, all orders are transferred onto our Computer-Aided Design system, to develop the design fully, and to ensure full documentation of the entire production cycle.

Acome (HK)'s designers are experienced and are familiar with the broad range of materials that we use, and know the technical performance properties of these materials, and the capabilities of our staff and machinery. Being factory-based, they are specialists in that factory's products and production capability and can put together a CAD design that not only delivers the product performance required by our clients, but that can also deliver an economical manufacturing process that ensures that your order is produced to specification, on time and within budget.

Each factory has its own sample R&D facility, who have become specialists in the line of products produced by that particular factory, whether it is tents, sleeping bags, garments or backpacks.

New materials and construction methods are being researched all the time, and material capability is tested within our own laboratories before being released to the design team for inclusion in future design development. The entire process is ISO9001-certified and fully documented from design concept through design development and manufacturing to final product testing and quality assurance.

Capacity and Capability: Jiangsu Acome (HK) Outdoor Products.