Any large manufacturing organisation needs to consider the risks inherent with great capacity.

All Tent, Sleeping-bag and Backpack production is done in our own factories. To put this in perspective: we have a total of over 900 separate machines to do our sewing, carding, cutting, punching and seam-welding, amongst the many other functions in our production process.

For Technical garments we also have our own factory and a further 3 satellite units in joint ownership that only manufacture for us. In all cases we maintain our high level of quality by keeping all aspects of production under own own control.

We are ISO9001-certified, and every aspect of our production processes is documented, from brief and design through production and assembly and performance testing to final quality assurance acceptance. Each factory has its own in-house R&D department that works closely with each client to achieve product solutions to meet the client brief. Each unti also has its own in-house material and product testing laboratory to ensure that our finished products meet the specified performance standard.

All our production and design facilities are near Shanghai, with its large and efficient port and international airport, so your products can be on their way in no time. We are in the middle of China's textile industry heartland, and our overflow capacity, material and fittings suppliers and other production partners are only hours away, allowing us to keep material stocks at just-in-time levels for routine production, yet remain quickly scalable to accommodate large orders.

We combine capacity with capability.