Jackets and other Garments

Jiangsu Acome (HK) Outdoor Products make technical jackets and other outer garments for a variety of commercial amd military/defence purposes. These jackets typically must be produced in a range of sizes to exacting technical standards to comply with the varied, even extreme, climactic and other conditions the eventual wearers are likely to be exposed to. The garments we manufacture are ultimately used for military, hunting, snow sport, paddling, hiking, climbing and mountaineering, all over the world, in all climates.

We specialize in 2-layer, 2.5-layer and 3-layer seam-taped technical outerwear. We use any weight of nylon or polyester with laminations done to client specification. Our fabrics are sourced from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the European Union.

Our knowledge of fabric properties, and the properties of combinations of fabrics in layered constructions, enables us to work closely with our clients to design solutions that meet their requirements, yet can still be produced efficiently and within budget. Our capacity means we can produce large orders quickly, and our proximity to Shanghai and its excellent port and airport facilities means that we can get your order on its way on time.

Our design team, based in the factory, are also specialists in how these high-specification jackets and other garments are made so that the wearability, breathability and climate protection are not compromised by the manufacturing process. Strength and durability in use are enhanced by sturdy construction and design, with the result being a hard-wearing garment that keeps the weather out, along seams and welds as well as over the surface of the fabric, while permitting the body's natural evaporative cooling functions to work in comfort.