Capacity Facts:
5 Production Lines
101 sewing machines
12 edge binding machines
3 pattern machines
Total 171 machines

Acome (HK) make and export backpacks to anywhere in the world.

Acome (HK)Our backpack factory is also located in the Yangzhou area, with easy access to overflow facilities and Shanghai, China's biggest port and busiest cargo airport.

The factory is 26,000 square meters in size, and employs 150 workers, and can manufacture 15,000-20,000 backpacks a month, depending on size and complexity.

We manufacture all styles of backpacks from the smallest day pack to the full gear military pack or largest rucksack. Fabrics vary from the lightest nylon to the heaviest cotton camouflage canvas.

We manufacture for military and commercial use, for the casual hiker to the serious mountaineer, to troops stationed in any venue or climate.

Any military standard requirement can be easily met.

As with all our products, R&D, Design and Merchandising staff are in-house at the factory.

All production processes are ISO9001-certified and our final exacting quality assurance test standards are deliberately set higher than our customer specifications.