Jiangsu Acome (HK) Outdoor Products Co

Acome (HK) is the Hong Kong-based marketing office of Jiangsu Acome Outdoor Products, who are one of the largest contract manufacturers of tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and technical garments in China.

Jiangsu Acome Outdoor Products has been in operation since 1991. Current turnover exceeds USD80m per year.

Our existing customer base includes commercial OEM clients; military and emergency services, and disaster relief organisations, including charities, NGOs, and UN agencies.

We supply clients all over the world, including the USA, China, the UK, Russia, France, Poland, Italy, Greece and South Africa.

Each line of business is manufactured in its own large, purpose-built factory, all located in or near Yangzhou, in Jiangsu. Yangzhou is 5 hours by road from China's largest container port, Shanghai. Yangzhou Zhejiang and Shanghai are the industrial and textile centers of China, so just about every material and accessory needed can be procured from a facility within a few hours drive.

Tents vary in size and application from one-man bivouac tents, to 50-man shelters used in military or disaster relief situations using a variety of fabrics, natural and synthetic, appropriate to the circumstances. Clothing, backpacks and sleeping bags are also designed with the end-user's needs in view, and an understanding of the climate(s) in which the products will be deployed.

We take Research and Development and product development very seriously. Each factory/business line has its own R&D and merchandising staff who work with our clients to design and develop products to meet or exceed their expectations. We are used to these expectations varying considerably, and are prepared to produce innovative solutions for the most demanding requirements.

Our manufacturing capacity, capability and quality are among the highest in China and we have over 900 machines in use across our main factory floors. We are ISO9001 certified. We develop the overwhelming majority of our materials ourselves, so we can supply very large volumes of product quickly and efficiently, and with our proximity to Shanghai, can deliver this product rapidly to anywhere in the world